Henna Tattoo


Natural henna also known as mehndi is produced from the leaves of the “henna plant”. The leaves contain a red dye called ‘Lawsone’, which essentially leaves the radiant red stain on the skin. Once the leaves are obtained they are crushed into fine powder, the powder is sifted, and then mixed with a variety of ingredients such as essential oils, lemon and sugar to create a smooth paste. This paste is then poured into the applicator which allows the artist to create specific designs. After the henna is applied onto the skin, it dries in about 20 – 30 minutes.So, it is highly recommended to keep your skin dry and away from water for 6-8 hours after the application process. When the paste comes off, a tremendously beautiful stain is left behind! 


Full hand front - $15

Arabic style front - $8

Full hand front & back - $30

Arabic style front & back - $15

Full hand with arms - $30 & up (depending on the length)

Foot - $20 & up